1. For whom is the TV & Film Music Library intended?
Our library  and Earmotion Production Music is intended only for clients of the media sector. TV / Film production companies, editors, agencies, etc., but not for private persons.

Earmotion reserves the right to exclude users  from the TV & Film Music Library who do not fit our target group of customers or who make false statements.

2. Where can I find the necessary track information for my cue sheet?
When downloading production music tracks for TV Broadcasts the necessary ASCAP /BMI information (title, artist, composer, publisher, label,) gets attached automatically as PDF/XLS  to make your cue sheets as simple as possible.
In addition, you can find all production music track information HERE.

All music usages require a license. If you are using the Earmotion Production Music for content on a network or company that has an existing license agreement please let us know. If you do not have an existing license you can download an application HERE or just write us an email or call.
We will gladly consult you on all-media packages! CONTACT

4. Do you charge me when I download the music?
There are no costs involved in downloading . There is only a cost if the music is used in your video or audio production.

5. Does ASCAP/BMI charge me when I use Production Music in TV/Broadcast?
All TV channels have an agreement with ASCPA/BMI and pay for the usage of Production Music.

6. Is the Earmotion Production Music royalty free?

7. If I have previously licensed a track and I want to use this track for another commercial spot, do I have to purchase a new license?

8. Does Earmotion also compose customized music for my commercial spots / media projects?

We work with a large group of composers and producers and are able to cover the whole spectrum of musical styles, genres and interpretations. REFERENCES

9. To whom does the Earmotion Production Music belong?
The music belongs to the authors and publishers at Earmotion / Earmotion Audio Creation. Using Production Music from the Earmotion Library without permission ( item 3) will result in a charge at least three times the relevant license fee.

10. How can I become a composer / partner of Earmotion?
We are always looking for new music and the best composers. Please don´t send any audio files by email! Send us your Top 5 tracks via download link or streaming link ( Soundcloud , Youtube , etc. ) to: info@earmotion.com

Earmotion Audio Creation USA // Astoria NY 11103 // New York City
Phone: 646 246 1951 // info@earmotion.com


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